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Track: if cr1tikal were a personality core
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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

sci you are a beautiful fucking human being

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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about me

reblog if you are hot and chunky



about me

reblog if you are hot and chunky

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I wanna go home


I wanna go home

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The problem is that it's nonsensical to demonize people who're merely customizing their personal spaces on the internet. Believe me: I despise auto-play media on profiles/blogs, but it's the owners' rights to have their sites reflect their tastes. It's not reasonable to expect everyone to never post anything in their spaces that I might take issue to. There are numerous things that trigger anxiety attacks for me, but it's MY job to filter those tags (and accept that some may still slip through).

WOW i wish i didn’t have to keep typing the same paragraphs all day. find the other reply my hands are too cold for this.

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actually no, i don't agree with you. i think it's important to spread awareness, but, while a polite gesture, you can't expect people to feel OBLIGATED to make changes to their own, personal space for what is essentially a special case. as an example, i had an abusive ex who drove a specific sort of car. seeing that style of car now triggers severe feelings of anxiety and dread within me. so, what do i do? go to all my friends who have honda civics and ask them to trade them in?

things that are the same: short lines of code, thousand dollar cars w/ insurance

things that are not the same: choosing not to do something with the knowledge that you’re specifically excluding disabled people through your (in)action, ableism


it’s up to each person individually whether or not they decide that their triggers and anxieties are a big deal. there are lots of little compensations that can be made in your case - borrowing family members’ cars, parking out of sight or far away, not making you get in the car. you’re not going to be protected from every honda civic in the world - this is true - but after expressing this to your friends, they can protect you from theirs.

autoplay is such an easy thing to not have and not removing it because “you wouldn’t ask someone to trade in their thousand dollars car so why would you ask someone to remove two lines of code?” is like “why raise the minimum wage to $15? why not raise it to $100,000?” do you remember how everyone agreed that was a shitty thing to say?

i will never stop being autistic and i will never stop being sensitive to sudden, loud audio that is out of my control because of it. there are many people like me that can never get away from these issues and NEED other people to be sensitive to them so that we can have some fucking peace. you should understand the anxiety of seeing a honda civic so why don’t you understand the anxiety of opening someone’s blog and praying that they don’t have autoplay?

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unintended consequences? what happened to going out of my way just to make life harder for you?? but anyway: no, i don't use autoplay, but i both respect your needs, and appreciate you spreading information about what makes you (and others) uncomfortable. however, the notion that others are specifically trying to persecute you via The  Power  Of  Music is hilariously melodramatic, as is your penchant for expressing your subjective opinion as objective fact.

you act like abled people don’t lash out at disabled people all the time when asked not to do something that has a negative impact

i could see where you were coming from if we were at all respected but we aint and that’s quite wonderfully illustrated with your indignation at being told that what abled people do is actively hurtful

it literally doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not. you either fix it or you ARE out to make disabled lives harder and you’d be shocked how many people refuse to fix it. (hint: i got nonstop hate after i made an autoplay post a few months ago to the point of closing my inbox. it still gets shitty responses.)

let me be a lil clearer: ’going out of your way’ refers to looking for, installing and setting up a third party music player on your blog that plays when the page is loaded, then telling me it’s my problem / responsibility when i say it’s not okay to have.

how is it not an objective fact that A) autoplay has a negative (and sudden noises have a documented) effect on a lot of disabilities and conditions, B) knowing this and choosing to continue hosting autoplay on your blog is making an active decision to fuck w/ people who are affected?

like really? you agree with me but then you’re side-eyeing me like what i’m saying makes no sense?

"going out of their way to make places inaccessible for those living with trauma and disability" lmfao dude you figured it out. you figured out The Great Plan. you did it

were you unaware that your actions had unintended consequences? i’m sorry for your loss. i’m sorry you find it so insulting that you’ve been made aware of the way that your sudden, loud, unnecessary and unwanted noise blasting into someone’s ears w/o them expecting it could actually be a bad thing that you felt the need to send me a sarcastic message detaching yourself from the situation so you could sleep soundly. i apologise for ruining the concept of autoplay. i wish i could say it won’t happen again but i’m going to go out of my way to remind you of this fact over and over again until you unfollow me and every other person that agrees with me & reblogs me saying as much until your ableist echochamber consists of nothing but music you don’t know and are in no control over.

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hey i know i have a lot of ASD friends for whom autoplay is a really awful thing so here is a really nice option, stay safe friends

note that this is not an excuse to start telling people to install this extension in response to being told that your audio players are horrible. the correct answer will always be for people to stop going out of their way to make places inaccessible for those living with trauma and disability.

this is for us to defend ourselves with, not for anyone to paint a target on our back with this as the brush.

spread the word about this extension, but don’t make it our obligation to install it. it’s still your obligation to make public spaces in your control safe for ALL people to access.

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Track: Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)
Artist: Keiichi Suzuki
Album: Mother 2: Giegue Strikes Back!
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EarthBound | Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)

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#doctor who spoilers
Decker: sincerely hoping this new doctor who storyline ends up where the doctor sits and passively excuses everything the daleks do because he doesn't want to hate anything until the last thing in the entire universe is him and then he's killed and we learn that not all hate is equal and some hatred is justified
Decker: not all daleks are evil, he'll say, i met one that is good, i can't kill them ALL because not all of them are evil!
Decker: and then they destroy the universe and the series ends

the “high quality” version of anaconda going around has the entire ‘fuck those skinny b-es’ bit + ending cut off, btw

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278: Purple Stripes


278: Purple Stripes